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Reviews Evil Things

 “I read it in one sitting. It’s thrilling." Cecilia Ekbäck, author of Wolf Winter.

“This is a remarkable debut — the best novel I’ve read this year. A historical thriller with a heart that keeps you enthralled to the final page."  David Young, author of A Darker State and STASI Child, both part of the Oberleutnant Karin Mueller series.

"A memorable character with just the right disdain for authority and its amoral attitudes to justice and women." Maxim Jakubowski, author of The Louisiana Republic.

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Reviews O Joy for me
Mr Davidson walk us so vividly into Coleridge’s Lake District, but also deep into the details of Coleridge’s unexplored Notebooks, offering strikingly fresh views of both. It’s wonderfully atmospheric, written with infectious enthusiasm, and beautifully illustrated throughout with both dreamy pictures and strictly practical maps.  Richard Holmes, author of Coleridge: Early Visions and of Coleridge: Darker Reflections Read more
REVIEWS First Prehistoric Serial Killer and other stories

IAN RANKIN TWEET: This hugely imaginative collection of (mostly crime) (mostly Barcelona-based) short stories comes out in August. The ‘Connections’ sequence in particular is terrific.

Very highly recommended – for those with a taste for murder, the surreal, and possibly – the stories of Saki. Euro Crime 

This subtly inventive story collection from Spanish author Solana (The Sound of One Hand Killing) floats effortlessly from whimsy to horror, from exploring the inner life of ghosts to witnessing a murderous gang fight. Publishers Weekly


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Reviews Baby Blue

The streets of Athens prove as mean as those of Raymond Chandler’s L.A. in Koutsakis’s brilliant second noir featuring Stratos Gazis...While the plotting matches James Ellroy’s best work, Koutsakis does a better job of making the twists flow organically from the characters. PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

Like Jeff Lindsay’s Dexter Morgan and Andrew Vachss’ Burke, Athenian “problem solver” Stratos Gazis kills only those he feels deserve execution. An absorbing entry in this must-read hard-boiled series, which offers thoughtful characterization and a noir take on Athens’ postcrisis underbelly. BOOKLIST

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Reviews The Greek Wall

A political debate familiar to American and European readers undergirds Swiss author Verdan’s stellar U.S. debutPublishers Weekly

A tight mystery that doubles as an informative political thriller. Terrific atmosphere. The Times

Evangelos's dilemmas and the strength and weaknesses of his character are vividly brought to life.  But it is the sheer poetic beauty of the writing (despite the sleaziness and brutality of the storyline), and the haunting descriptions of the landscape, that remain solidly in the mind. Shotsmag



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