About Us

Launched in 2003, we are a London based independent publisher.

Under the Bitter Lemon Press imprint we aim to bring our readers high quality thrillers and other contemporary crime fiction books from abroad. We are dedicated to the crime genre and publish dark, sexy and often humorous novels that expose the seamier side of society. Our list includes talented authors from Continental Europe, Latin America, the US and New Zealand. Most of our books are translations that have won prizes and received critical acclaim in their home countries and we have introduced a number of celebrated crime and thriller writers whose works were not available before in English. These include Tonino Benacquista of France, Leonardo Padura of Cuba and Gianrico Carofiglio of Italy, and many others.

In 2014 we launched a new imprint called Wilmington Square Books. It is a non-fiction list dedicated to writing about culture and society and includes works on the visual and plastic arts, literature, history, philosophy and travel. These are books chosen for their originality, their quality and their contribution to knowledge and to debate. Our first authors include Ian Hamilton Finlay, Francis Russell and Raymond Tallis.

“Bitter Lemon Press deserves much applause for their eye catching book design and their mission of bringing exceptional international literary noir to an Anglophone audience.” Rain Taxi

“Reading around the small presses always gives me a sense of adventure. They tend to search out foreign authors who bring reformative zeal to genre conventions, discarding old saws and introducing new international themes” New York Times