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Kalmann Reviews

“Joachim B. Schmidt’s novels show a sensitivity to how the accumulation of seemingly small events makes up the drama of human life.” --Sjón  “A Swiss author writes a book that takes place in Raufarhöfn (!) and creates characters that are more Icelandic than anything Icelandic. What kind of magician is this?”--Hallgrímur...

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Basel Killings Reviews

Haunting, eerie and strange in its imagery but often grimly humorous, The Basel Killings is a vintage Swiss mystery fiction that appears to only be improving with age. CrimeTime

This is an absorbing story; Hansjörg Schneider paints a disturbing picture of a cruelty that has lain undiscussed behind the façade of Swiss propriety and complacency; and all the while he keeps us guessing right to the end." European Literature Network (ELN)

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Foreign Girls Reviews

"The realities of life in Latin America offer little escapism perhaps, but in the gutsy, raunchy Veronica they have a contemporary heroine to cherish." The Times

"A layered, gripping story, finely translated by Miranda France." Financial Times

“A quirky, un-put-down-able thriller by a veteran Argentine novelist." Kirkus Reviews  

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