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"Wolff is particularly good at making his lead, who could have been a colorless figure in lesser hands, sympathetic, and delivers some truly knockout twists. John le Carré admirers will be hungry for more.” ---Publishers Weekly

"With a precision in his use of language suggestive of a poet who sidelines as a surgeon, Wolff manages to create books that appeal to those who love spy stories and to those who loathe them." ---Morning Star

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Katja Ivar Interview in Publishers Weekly: Daylight is no Shield

Katja Ivar Interview in Publishers Weekly LINK.


What else about Finland distinguishes it from other Northern European countries? When I started researching, I realized that Finland had one of the first female policemen in the region, Hilker Hotma, but she didn’t stay in the force because there was so much misogyny. The more I read about that, the more I realized that women at the time I write about were still confined to roles that men wouldn’t do, even in such a very progressive country as Finland, which was the first country in Europe to give women the right to vote and was the first country in Europe to let women run for office.

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