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The Horseman's Song by Ben Pastor launches in the UK with blog tour

The latest in the Martin Bora WWII series launches with a blog tour beginning tomorrow. 

ShotsMag: "Highly Recommended: Pastor takes Bora back to the Spanish Civil War in 1937. He’s a fascinating character, a German officer turned detective, clever, tenacious yet deeply troubled and suspicious of his companions in the Nationalist ranks...The writing is sharp, the tone gritty, the characterisations vivid and the atmosphere of war brilliantly evoked. It’s a novel that destroys romantic notions about the Spanish conflict and shows how quickly hopes turned sour and disillusion set in."


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Christmas Newsletter Available

There is nothing to say. Waiting patiently for the end of a worldwide political shitstorm. But we can listen: "There are certain perfect, particular sounds. A tennis ball, a golf ball hit just right. A fly ball in a leather glove. Lingering thud of a knockout. I get dizzy at the sound of a perfect pool break..." Lucia Berlin


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Evil Things Interview of Katja Ivar
"My heroine, Hella Mauzer, is Finland’s first ever woman police inspector. She is smart, she is competent, but she is also very stubborn, at a time when women are expected to shut up and be beautiful. Because she has a bad habit of contradicting her supervisors, Hella gets reassigned to a tiny police station in Lapland. And when a seemingly small and random crime turns out to be something much bigger, Hella is the only person brave enough - or mad enough- to look beyond the obvious." Read more
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