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Kalmann and the Sleeping Mountain Reviews

Breaking news: Joachim B. Schmidt won the illustrious Glauser Prize in Germany with his novel Kalmann and the Sleeping Mountain.

“Joachim B. Schmidt’s novels show a sensitivity to how the accumulation of seemingly small events makes up the drama of human life.” --Sjón

 “A Swiss author writes a book that takes place in Raufarhöfn (!) and creates characters that are more Icelandic than anything Icelandic. What kind of magician is this?”--Hallgrímur Helgason (101 Reykjavik)

 "A beautifully told Icelandic mystery that absolutely revels in its comedic timing, compassionate plot, and outstanding leading man. If you are looking for something a little different, then step into this feel-good mystery which is full to overflowing with gentle humour, pointed social commentary, and a delicious plot. Following on from prize-winning and LoveReading Star Book Kalmann, our hero finds himself in trouble with the law and searching for answers about his grandfather who supposedly spied for the Russians. My advice if you haven’t yet, is to start with the first book, as well as being a fabulous read, it also gives the best introduction to Kalmann. I am a huge fan of his, Kalmann quite simply makes my heart smile. As a leading character he is a triumph and as a narrator he is to be celebrated. Jamie Lee Searle translates wonderfully again, I always feel it works well when the translator continues in a series, as of course they already know and understand the characters and have a developed relationship with the writing. While this mystery visits the USA and spends time at the Capitol riots, it is mostly centred in Iceland. The riots as seen from Kalmann’s point of view creates an absolutely fascinating and thought-provoking moment. Iceland, with its landscape, people, and history sings out and celebrates community. These aren’t traditional mysteries, they feel fresh, provocative, and this new book sits again as a LoveReading Star Book. Highly recommended, the powerful yet gentle Kalmann and the Sleeping Mountain is an uninhibited firecracker of a read.” LoveReading (Liz Robinson)


"Second in the Kalman series, based on one the most unlikely heroes in crime fiction. Kalman, the very likeable narrator, was born and raised in an Icelandic fishing village, and is regarded affectionately by the residents as ‘retarded’ – despite which they have designated him as their supposed sheriff (his duties being little more than looking after the small supermarket car park). His narrative voice and behaviour, superbly drawn by Schmidt, seems classically autistic, and in this tale Kalman’s suspicion that his grandfather was murdered leads him, via his absent American father, across the Atlantic and into the heart of the 2021 Capitol riots. Back in his Icelandic village and now even more of a celebrity, Kalman finds himself dragged into the aftermath of a Cold War mystery that once involved his grandfather, the Americans, and Russian spies – and what began as a gentle and amusing story finally changes pace and sails off to an explosive climax. Easily the most addictive crime book I have read this year." SHOTS Magazine

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