Joachim B. Schmidt

Kalmann | Murder Mystery Book


Kalmann | Murder Mystery Book

Joachim B. Schmidt

Translated by Jamie Lee Searle

The return of Kalmann, the self-appointed Sheriff of Raufarhöfn 

Kalmann is back! But he’s already in trouble; in an interrogation room at the FBI headquarters in Washington, no less. All he wanted to do was visit his American father, but the loveable sheriff of Raufarhöfn got himself mixed up in the January 2021 Capitol riots. Thanks to sympathetic FBI agent Dakota Leen, he’s soon on a plane home. But not before she informs him that his grandfather was on a blacklist, suspected of spying for the Russians during the Cold War. Back in Iceland, there’s a murder and one heck of a mystery to unravel. And what role does a mysterious mountain play in all this? Somehow Kalmann never loses heart. There’s no need to worry; he has everything under control. 

REVIEWS of Kalmann, the first in the series

 “This affectionately comical yet beautiful and unique Icelandic mystery ensures the reader sits on the edge of a precipice before understanding strikes.” ---LoveReading 

“Told with pathos and much humour, not to mention slipping in some satirical barbs about Icelandic attitudes to foreigners. The only thing it does not explain is why fermented, sometimes rotting, shark meat should be such an Icelandic delicacy.” . ---Shots Magazine 

“The narrative charms of Schmidt’s unlikely detective will keep readers turning the pages. Nordic crime fans won’t want to miss this.”---Publishers Weekly 


Book Information

Release Dates:
18-July-24 (UK) | 13-August-24 (US)