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The Man in the Corduroy Suit REVIEWS

"Wolff is particularly good at making his lead, who could have been a colorless figure in lesser hands, sympathetic, and delivers some truly knockout twists. John le Carré admirers will be hungry for more.” ---Publishers Weekly

"With a precision in his use of language suggestive of a poet who sidelines as a surgeon, Wolff manages to create books that appeal to those who love spy stories and to those who loathe them." ---Morning Star

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Reviews Beside the Syrian Sea

TIMES: Book of the MonthThat James Wolff is a pseudonym should come as no surprise to the reader of Beside the Syrian Sea, his superb debut. The writer has obviously been somewhere or something in the spy business. This emerges not so much in the main storyline, but in the fascinating surrounding details.

“A dazzling thriller for our time...gritty and diamond-sharp.” JAMES NAUGHTIE

“This important book...brought home to me the complex and shifting situation in the Middle East and the danger of looking for simple responses or explanations. I loved the character of Jonas - the quiet man pushed by his own guilt into becoming a hero.” ANN CLEEVES



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