Quentin Mouron

Three Drops of Blood and a Cloud of Cocaine | Psychological Thriller Book


Three Drops of Blood and a Cloud of Cocaine | Psychological Thriller Book

Quentin Mouron

Translated by W. Donald Wilson

After Joel Dicker here is the latest literary sensation from Switzerland: brilliant young novelist Quentin Mouron (25) with his first mystery novel, brilliantly reviewed in the French speaking world. This is the first time his work is available in English. 

Written with the pace and controlled violence of the very best Tarantino film 

When old Jimmy Henderson is found murdered in his Ford pick-up truck in a suburb of Boston, Sheriff Paul McCarthy takes charge of the investigation. Soon, Franck, a young private detective visiting from New York, also takes an interest in the case. 

Breaking the conventions of the genre, the novel holds a satirical mirror to our society by entering the minds of two men right on the edge of sanity. Sheriff McCarthy, a church-going man, desperately trying to keep a boundary between the sordidness of his investigations and his private life. And Franck, a violent, decadent dandy, always rushing to the bathroom for another line of coke, revealing the darker workings of the case with a blood curdling laugh. When the two men finally meet the entire existence of the sheriff as a righteous family man – and probably as a police officer -- will be turned on its head. 

“Mouron is a revelation. He juggles characters with ease in a seamy world perfectly evoked, and all of it is done in a taut high-tempo style. “ HuffPost 

Three Drops follows the US tradition of the searing social novel, literary, troubling, to be read in one sitting. It leaves a bitter and vivid after-taste, like the morning after a sleepless night.” Le Temps




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Cover Design:
eleanor rose
Release Dates:
15-June-17 (UK) | 11-June-17 (US)