Ben Pastor

The Horseman's Song | Murder Mystery Book


The Horseman's Song | Murder Mystery Book

Ben Pastor

  • The sixth in the Martin Bora WWII mystery series.

    Spain, July 1937. The tragic prelude to World War II is played out in the Spanish Civil War. Among Franco’s troops is Martin Bora, the young German officer and detective, assigned to the Spanish Foreign Legion in the sierras of Aragon. 

    When Bora happens on the body of Federico García Lorca, the brilliant Spanish poet and playwright, he begins a perilous investigation of the murder. His inquiry paradoxically proceeds alongside that of Walton, his opposite number with the International Brigades and a friend of the poet. Soon the German and the New Englander join forces, and their cooperation culminates in a thrilling chase after Lorca’s suspected killer. 

    Historical accounts tell us that Lorca was executed by a Franco death squad. To this day his burial site remains a mystery.

  • Publishers Weekly Starred Review: Set in 1937, Pastor’s outstanding sixth mystery featuring German investigator Martin Bora (after 2017’s The Road to Ithaca) makes effective use of the death of Federico García Lorca, the celebrated poet, during the Spanish Civil War… Pastor does an excellent job of creating a back-story for her lead that fits in well with the previous books. 

  • Midwestern Book Review: An expertly crafted mystery by a master of the genre.  

  • NB Literary Magazine: An accomplished historical thriller, confidently plotted and the tempo is judged to perfection.

  • Foreword Reviews: A poignant, convincing portrait of life during wartime. Bora is a compelling protagonist, erudite enough to recite Aristotle to himself while repelling an ambush and innocent enough to fall for a local lass who changes his perspective on love.


Book Information

Cover Design:
eleanor rose
Release Dates:
14-February-19 (UK) | 16-March-19 (US)