Katja Ivar

Evil Things


Evil Things

Katja Ivar

A Nordic Noir of the first order set in deepest and darkest Finnish Lapland. Also a historical thriller of the Cold War.

Evil Things introduces a wonderful new heroine in crime fiction. Hella Mauzer is a whip-smart detective, fighting against crime, prejudice and her own demons.

This is a first novel and the first in the Hella Mauzer series.

Lapland, Finland, 1952. It's the height of the Cold War and Finland is a snow-smothered powder keg. Sharing a long border with the Soviet Union, it is engaged in a high-wire act of protecting its independence from its sometimes dangerous neighbour. 

Hella Mauzer was the first ever woman Inspector in the Helsinki Homicide Unit. But deemed too ‘emotional’ for the job, she was reassigned to Lapland. When a man disappears from a remote village on the Soviet border, Hella jumps at the chance to investigate. Her boss is sceptical; after all, people disappear all the time in the snows of Finland. A murder victim is then discovered in the forest. But what Hella doesn’t know, is that the small village of Käärmela is harbouring another crime. A crime so evil it is beyond anything any of them could have ever imagined. 


"Welcome to the most stubborn of cops, Hella Mauzer, righting wrongs in cold Lapland, a memorable character with just the right disdain for authority and its amoral attitudes to justice and women. A feminist 1952 cop before feminism was invented." Maxim Jakubowski, author of The Louisiana Republic

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Release Dates:
09-January-19 (UK) | 17-February-19 (US)