Harriet Crawley

The Translator | Spy Thriller Book


The Translator | Spy Thriller Book

Harriet Crawley

A classic thriller of the new Cold War.” Antony Beevor, author of Stalingrad


A taut, highly topical thriller, set in Moscow and centred on a devastating Russian plot to sabotage the undersea communication cables linking the US to the UK. Also, a passionate love story between two people determined to stop this cataclysmic act. 

Written by an insider: Harriet Crawley lived in Moscow for many years, working in the energy sector at a time of exploding wealth concentration and increasingly violent political repression.

Moscow, September 2017. Clive Franklin, a Russian language expert in the Foreign Office, is summoned unexpectedly to the city to act as translator for the British Prime Minister. His life is turned on its head when, after more than a decade, he discovers that his former lover, Marina Volina, is now the interpreter to the Russian President.

At the embassy, Clive learns of a Russian plot to cut the undersea cables linking the US to the UK which would paralyse communications and collapse the Western economy. Marina stuns Clive with the news that she’s ready to help stop the attack, betraying her country for a new identity and a new life. 

A timely novel: a paper written for the Policy Exchange think tank by Rishi Sunak, now the UK Prime Minister but then a little-known backbencher, described an attack on undersea communication cables as the most “existential” threat we could face “short of nuclear or biological warfare”. 



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Release Dates:
23 March-23 (UK) | (US)