Ben Pastor

The Night of Shooting Stars | Murder Mystery Book


The Night of Shooting Stars | Murder Mystery Book

Ben Pastor

  • The latest in the Martin Bora series.

  • Spellbinding multi-layered crime novel set in 1944 in a demoralised Berlin, devastated by Allied bombing.

  • As ever Pastor astutely mingles fictional and historical figures. The July 20 plot against Hitler and its dramatic implications as never told before.

  • Will appeal to readers of Phillip Kerr (Bernie Gunther series) and Alan Furst (“Spies of the Balkans”) and of course to the loyal Martin Bora fans.

    Berlin, July 1944, a few weeks before the attempted assassination of Hitler by Claus von Stauffenberg and other conspirators. Bora has been called back from the Italian Front to investigate the murder of a dazzling clairvoyant with Nazi connections.

    Soon Bora realizes that there is much more at stake than murder in a city where everyone is talking about a conspiracy aimed at the Nazi hierarchy. Bora eventually meets with Stauffenberg. Are the plotters a group of heroes devoted to the salvation of Germany at the cost of their own lives, or a bunch of opportunists compromised from the beginning with the Nazi regime and now looking for a new virginity in the eyes of the Western Allies and Stalinist Russia?   

Book Information

Cover Design:
eleanor rose
Release Dates:
20-August-20 (UK) | 09-July-20 (US)