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REVIEWS First Prehistoric Serial Killer and other stories

IAN RANKIN TWEET: This hugely imaginative collection of (mostly crime) (mostly Barcelona-based) short stories comes out in August. The ‘Connections’ sequence in particular is terrific.

Very highly recommended – for those with a taste for murder, the surreal, and possibly – the stories of Saki. Euro Crime 

This subtly inventive story collection from Spanish author Solana (The Sound of One Hand Killing) floats effortlessly from whimsy to horror, from exploring the inner life of ghosts to witnessing a murderous gang fight. Publishers Weekly


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Reviews for The Sound of One Hand Killing by Teresa Solana

‘Early in Solana's haphazardly plotted third novel featuring twin Barcelona detectives Eduard Martínez and Borja Masdéu (after 2011's A Shortcut to Paradise), the pair find their office burglarized and decide to move a meeting with Teresa Solana, an author of noir novels, to an upstairs apartment where Borja is hiding...

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Reviews for A Shortcut to Paradise by Teresa Solana

'Marina Dolc, the telegenic author of lurid best-sellers, is bludgeoned to death with the trophy she has just been awarded in Barcelona. The runner-up, a pompous author of poor-selling literary novels, is arrested for the murder, but the reader knows he's innocent. He was busy getting drunk and then robbed...

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