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Fragility of Bodies Reviews

“It is rare that a crime writer gives so much to his readers. Much more than a simple investigation, it allows one to penetrate deep into the psyche of the characters, and plays with different points of view with great virtuosity. Bodies suffer or enjoy, fight against violence of all sorts or submit to it, the mere reflection of a society never certain of winning or losing”--Espaces Latinos 

“This novel introduces Veronica Rosenthal, journalist, investigator and anti-hero in a story that grabs the reader by the throat and doesn’t let go until the last period.”-- Quid 

“A wonderful addition to the Argentine noir tradition. Veronica discovers much more than the web of crimes afflicting the boys willing to risk their lives for money. She discovers her deep lust for Lucio the engine driver, and her willingness to follow him into a dark sadomasochistic labyrinth, with unforeseeable consequences.”-- El Dia 

“A political thriller of unrelenting suspense. An insane love story.”--Diario Sur 

“ A female Maigret willing to try anything, a bit of a sadomasochist, emotional and stubborn. A powerful novel that never lets go, that adroitly manipulates the fragility of its readers.”--Casquivana


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    Francois Von Hurter