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Reviews for Goat Song by Chantal Pelletier
'Tender yet ferocious, Pelletier is a lady in black to be treated with respect.' - Le Canard Enchainé
'Chantal Pelletier is a wonderful story teller; she captures your heart in three short sentences, and takes you through the gamut of emotions, from laughter to tears. A master of funny, bittersweet dialogue. A classic roman noir hero, the world weary inspector, is completely reinvented.' - Le Monde

'One of the most positive developments in crime fiction of late is the number of European writers being translated into English -- and kudos to publishers such as Bitter Lemon Press for producing some elegant, affordable paperbacks. The Scandinavians may have had a head start here, but the likes of Pelletier and Tonino Benacquista suggest that the French may be hard on their heels. Pelletier, an actor, director and writer, is a very unusual, original and exciting talent.'

- Reviewingtheevidence

Goat Song by Chantal Pelletier is an unconventional French police procedural set in Montmartre. This is not the familiar picture postcard district, but the haunt of violent drug dealers. Maurice Laice is in charge of two apparently unconnected cases: a double murder at the Moulin Rouge and the nearby killing of a junkie. This is more than just an intriguing mystery; it reveals a picture of contemporary Paris unseen by tourists, with two fascinating central characters in Maurice and his boss

- The Sunday Telegraph

'GOAT SONG is bleak, dark and funny. It's one of those books where the translator deserves a more than honourable mention -- my suspicion is that Ian Monk has done a truly outstanding job in capturing Chantal Pelletier's idiosyncratic prose. This is a writer who can move from humour to horror in several crisp sentences. The translation 'feels' right -- the slang is there without feeling artificial or forced.'

- Amazon.com

'Pelletier's story is an intense one, often brilliantly told, of relentless pace, veering sharply in mood, often from paragraph to paragraph.'

- Tangled Web UK
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