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  • Interview with Joachim B. Schmidt about "Kalmann and the Sleeping Mountain"
  • Joachim B. Schmidt |  Kalmann and the Sleeping Mountain
Interview with Joachim B. Schmidt about "Kalmann and the Sleeping Mountain"

Crime Fiction Lover has just interviewed Joachim Schmidt LINK about "Kalmann and the Sleeping Mountain", out July 18 in the UK and August 13 in the US.

The Introduction: Sometimes, it seems, magnetic north has a pull that is more than just ionic. For Swiss crime fiction author Joachim B Schmidt, this was certainly the case and after falling in love with the place as a teenager he emigrated there in 2007. It’s where he was inspired to write novels and he is the creator of Kalmann, a charming, quirky neurodivergent man who has been told he has the academic capacity of a six-year-old but equally has the capacity for heroism, acting as Sheriff in the tiny community of Rauferhöfn in northeast Iceland, where he hunts arctic fox and Greenland shark with his grandfather.

If you were lucky enough to have met him in Kalmann, the first in the series to be translated into English back in 2022, then you’ll know his qualities and it’s likely you’re looking forward to the sequel – Kalmann and the Sleeping Mountain, out 18 July. It’s a book in which Kalmann learns a great deal more about his family’s past, embarks on a madcap journey to America, gets arrested at the Capitol insurgence, and faces all sorts of other music when he returns to Iceland. We just had to find out more about the author and Kalmann himself, so we sat down for an interview."

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