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Padura's masterpiece

Padura's Man Who Loved Dogs in a flurry of excellent reviews

The Man Who Loved Dogs, Leonardo Padura's masterpiece, gets wonderful reviews

FINANCIAL TIMES‘The Man Who Loved Dogs, by Cuban author Leonardo Padura, is a stunning novel, chronicling the evisceration of the Communist dream and one of the most “ruthless, calculated and useless” crimes in history. All credit to Bitter Lemon Press ...for publishing such a readable English translation...There can be few more insightful explorations of the ways in which communism corroded the human spirit and justified the most monstrous of crimes.' TIMES LONDON 'With equal assurance and brio, Padura travels between Stalin's Moscow, the Mexico of Frida Kahlo, and Spain and France in the turbulent years between the wars, to engineer an epic of lost illusions. Magnificent.' Times (London) NY TIMES"Leonardo Padura, known for his detective novels, has made his entrance to the Latin American Modernist canon by writing a Russian novel. Its Russian quality comes not only from its length and the fact that it returns constantly to Moscow, but from its Tolstoyan passion for historical trifles and Dostoyevskyan pleasure in examining the moral life of its characters.'

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