Anita Nair

Chain of Custody


Chain of Custody

Anita Nair

  • The sequel to A Cut –Like Wound by best-selling author Anita Nair. 
  • Inspector Borei Gowda is a splendidly grumpy, hard-drinking, deeply flawed character whose chaotic home life includes an absent wife, an estranged son and an enigmatic mistress. 
  • A Bangalore police procedural set in the world of child-trafficking in India. Gowda is confronted by criminals of savage cruelty and ruthless greed while also having to solve the murder of a well known lawyer. 

The Book

What does thirteen-year-old Nandita’s disappearance have to do with the murder of a well-known lawyer in a gated community? As Gowda investigates, he becomes embroiled in Bangalore’s child-trafficking racket. Negotiating insensitive laws, indifferent officials and uncooperative witnesses, he finds himself in a race against time to rescue Nandita from one of the most depraved criminal rings he has ever encountered. Children often pick up by scouts on trains or abducted on the streets of villages are brought to the city. If lucky they are forced into slave-like domestic service or factory work--the boys mostly. The less lucky—the girls, end up in brothels, under heavy and brutal guard. Gowda’s splendid detective skills are tested to their limit in this fast-paced story.

Praise for Chain of Custody

"Anita Nair is one of India’s most successful poets and novelists. This is the second in a vivid series of crime novels set in her home city, Bangalore, where prostitution exists side-by-side with extraordinary wealth.Nair is an accomplished writer, and she uses this searing novel to expose the hideous and all-too-real world of child-trafficking." Times-London

 "Just finished this. Fine follow-up to @anitanairauthor's first Inspector Gowda book. Harrowing but compassionate tale of modern India." Ian Rankin

"Nair’s satisfying second Bangalore police procedural (after 2014’s A Cut-Like Wound) reflects the speed of change in modern urban India while providing a reminder that age-old dangers are never far from the surface.  Readers will look forward to spending more time in Gowda’s agreeable company." Publishers Weekly

Book Information

Cover Design:
eleanor rose
Release Dates:
13-October-16 (UK) | 17-November-16 (US)