Alice Ferney, born in Paris in 1967, studied business management at university and combines her life as a novelist with that of a professor at the University of Orleans.
Anita Nair lives in Bangalore and is a prize winning author. Her novel 'Ladies Coupe', published in the US by St. Martin's Press, is a feminist classic which has been translated in thirty languages all over the world.
BEN PASTOR lived for thirty years in the United States, working as a university professor, before returning to Italy to write historical thrillers. She has published threw novels in the Martin Bora series in English so far and a number of prize winning novels including The Water Thief and The Fire Waker (published to high acclaim in the US by St. Martin's Press), and is considered one of the most talented writers in the field of historical fiction.
Chantal Pelletier, born in Lyon, began her career as an actor. She founded a theatre company in Paris and is the author of novels, essays, plays and film scripts.
Claudia Pineiro was a journalist and playwright but is now fully dedicated to fiction. She is Argentina's bestselling crime writer.
Elliott Colla divides his time between Washington DC and the Middle East. He is a professor and translator of Arabic literature. 'Baghdad Central' is his first novel.
Elwood Reid is the author of the novels If I Don't Six and Midnight Sun, and the story collection What Salmon Know. He has written for GQ and is a frequent contributor to Outside Magazine. He lives in Montana.
Ernesto Mallo, a former anti-junta militant in Argentina, has written his first novel...
Esmahan Aykol was born in 1970 in Edirne, Turkey. She lives in Istanbul and Berlin.She has written four Kati Hirschel mystery novels. 'Hotel Bosphorus' and 'Baksheesh' are the first two and have been published in eight languages.
Eva Joly was a prosecuting judge in France famous for her anti-corruption cases, including that against Elf-Aquitaine. She is now running in the French presidential elections.
Author of art guides to Italy and Syria and Deputy Chairman of Christie's.
Frei Betto is a Brazilian writer, political activist, liberation theologian and Dominican friar.He has written 56 books, published in 23 languages. 'Hotel Brasil' is his first novel available in English.
Friedrich Glauser was born in Vienna in 1896. Often referred to as the Swiss Simenon, he died aged forty-two a few days before he was due to be married. Diagnosed a schizophrenic, addicted to morphine and opium, he spent much of his life in psychiatric wards, insane asylums and, when he was arrested for forging prescriptions in prison. He also spent two years with the Foreign Legion in North Africa, after which he worked as a coal-miner and a hospital orderly.
Garry Disher grew up in South Australia. In 1978 he was awarded a creative writing fellowship to Stanford University, where he wrote his first short-story collection.
Giampiero Rigosi, born in 1962, lives and works in Bologna. He is a much acclaimed literary critic, short-story and song writer as well as a producer of radio programmes on cinema noir and crime literature. Night Bus is his first crime novel.
Gianluca Morozzi was born in Bologna in 1971, where he lives today. His most recent titles include "L'era del porco" and "Blackout", his first roman noir...
Gianrico Carofiglio is one of Italy's bestselling authors. He was an anti-Mafia prosecutor in Bari, a port on the coast of Puglia. He has been involved with trials concerning corruption, organized crime and the traffic in human beings
Günter Ohnemus, born in 1946, lives in Munich and writes novels, essays and translations. He has written three collections of short stories and a best-seller for teenagers.
Kettenbach is 78 and still writing. He was a somewhat late bloomer: A football journalist at 28, he earned a history and philosophy degree at 36 and published his first novel at 50.
'Nights of Awe' features Ariel Kafka, Helsinki's only Jewish homicide cop. First of a series by Harri Nykanen.
Iain Levison has worked as a truck driver, an Alaskan crab fisherman and kept down a number of other wage slave jobs before settling down to write dark, funny crime novels with a social bite.
Ian Hamilton Finlay, concrete poet, visual artist, one of Scotland's leading intellectuals of the last century.

Isabelle Janvrin studied languages and Catherine Rawlinson, history and art history. They were both born and brought up in France, and both married Englishmen. After many years in London, they combined their interests in history and art history to research the presence of French people in this vast city.

Jacques Chessex is one of Switzerland's greatest contemporary authors (1934-2009). He is revered in France and won the Prix Goncourt in 1973 for L'Ogre.
James Wolff grew up in the Middle East and now lives in London. He has worked for the British government for the past ten years. Beside the Syrian Sea is his first novel.
Jef Geeraerts was born in 1930 in Antwerp and is Belgium's best known author after Georges Simenon. He gained international acclaim with his "Gangrene Cycle", four novels based on his experience in the Congo.
Jörg Fauser, born in Germany in 1944, was a novelist, essayist and journalist. Having broken his dependency on heroin at the age of thirty he spent much of the rest of his working life dependent on alcohol.
Julian Spalding has written over a dozen books on art historical subjects and curated many exhibitions.
Leonardo Padura was born in 1955 in Havana and lives in Cuba. He is a novelist, essayist, journalist and scriptwriter.
Luca di Fulvio, born in 1957, lives and works in Rome. He is a much acclaimed novelist, screenwriter and playwright. The Mannequin Man is his first crime novel. His self-avowed schizophrenic nature...
Mario Giordano, the son of Italian immigrants, was born in Munich in 1963 and studied psychology at the University of Düsseldorf. He writes novels, books for adolescents, and screenplays. He lives in Cologne. Auntie Poldi and the Sicilian Lions is his first crime novel.
Authors include Italy's best crime writers Ammaniti, Carlotto, Camilleri, Lucarelli, Fois and others. De Cataldo is the editor of the 'Crimini' anthology, a best selling crime writer and an essayist and playwright.

Nicolas Verdan was born in Vevey, Switzerland in 1971. He was a prominent journalist before turning full-time to fiction. He shares his time between Switzerland and Greece. He won a number of literary prizes for his previous novels and The Greek Wall is his first work available in English.

Nigel Daly is an antique dealer and house restorer.
Patricia Melo is Brazil's best selling crime writer.
Patrick Conrad is one of Belgium's most famous thriller writers and film makers.This is his second novel to be published in English.
The godfather of New Zealand crime writing. Often called Elmore Leonard on acid.Thomas has written a bestselling series featuring maverick Maori cop Tito Ihaka, of which 'Death on Demand' is the latest.
Petra Hammesfahr, born in 1951, has not had an easy life. The inspiration for her bittersweet family crime novels where the sweetness of childhood and the horror of adults meet.

Pol Koutsakis, born in Crete in 1974, writes novels, plays and screenplays. Athenian Blues is his first novel to be translated into English. Baby Blue, the sequel to Athenian Blues, is expected to be published by Bitter Lemon Press in 2018.


Quentin Mouron is a poet and a novelist. He was born in Lausanne in 1989 and is Swiss and Canadian. In 2011 he won the prix Alpes-Jura for his novel  Au point d’effusion des égouts . He has written three other highly acclaimed novels before Three Drops of Blood and a Cloud of Cocaine.

Raymond Tallis is a leading academic doctor, poet, philosopher and cultural critic. He is the author of more than 20 books.

Richard Dorment, OBE, was a curator at the Philadelphia Museum of Art before moving to London where he was a free-lance exhibition organiser and author before joining the Daily Telegraph as art critic in 1986. He retired in 2015.

Rolo Diez, born in Argentina in 1940, was imprisoned for two years during the military dictatorship and forced into exile. He now lives in Mexico City, where he works as a novelist, screenwriter and journalist.
Saskia Noort is a best selling author.'The Dinner Club', published in English by Bitter Lemon Press in 2007, has sold over 500,000 copies in the Netherlands. 'Back to the Coast' sold over 250,000 copies.
Matsumoto (1909-1992) is a ‘Japanese immortal’, considered to have written the best Japanese mystery novels of the 20th century. The Japanese Simenon many say.
Novelist, playwright, poet, and screenwriter, the Argentinian writer Sergio Bizzio has already made his own debut as a film director with "Animals". "Rage" is his sixth novel and is a bestseller soon to be a film.
Teresa Solana was born in Barcelona in 1962 where she currently lives. A philosopher by training and a fan of the Classical world, she tried her hand at various lines of employment (from check-out operator in a big department store to parliamentary assistant) before embracing literary translation.
Tonino Benacquista, born in France in 1961 of Italian immigrants, dropped out of film studies to finance his writing career. After being, in turn, a museum night-watchman, a train guard on the Paris-Rome line and a professional parasite on the Paris cocktail circuit, he is now a highly successful author of fiction, film scripts and even graphic novels.
Born in Belrade in 1961, Vesna Goldsworthy left Yugoslavia in 1986 to marry a British diplomat. She has worked in Britain for the BBC, in publishing, and in academia. She is currently Professor of English and Director of the Institute of Suburban Studies at Kingston University. Her first novel will be published internationally in 2015.
Zygmunt Miłoszewski, born in Warsaw in 1975, is a rising star of Polish fiction. This is his first novel published in English...