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by Sergio Bizzio


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UK: Jun 2009 / US: Nov 2009

José María, a construction worker, is in love with Rosa, a maid in an exclusive Buenos Aires mansion. Subjected to constant humiliation by his foreman, José María kills him. He hides on an empty floor in the mansion, and remains there for years without raising Rosas's suspicion. José María silently observes his lover in her most intimate moments and watches the decadent behaviour of the owners and their hypocritical relationships. However José María will also be privy to more humiliating experiences—he watches as Rosa is raped by the young son of the family, and later becomes pregnant by a repulsive neighbour. Still, in the midst of all this and from his bizarre, self-imposed imprisonment, José María will, somehow, be able to reflect upon and understand the joys of fatherhood—that is, before he meets his final fate.

A metaphor for the decline of a social class, a country and the resentment that spreads like a plague penetrating to the core of its people, Rage is also a tale of love and suspense that raises the tension with each successive page until it unavoidably shifts toward an intimate, shattering catastrophe. Humour, misfortune, shrewd social commentary and thrilling erotic fantasy come together, offering the reader an inside vision of contemporary Argentina.

Author Information
Novelist, playwright, poet, and screenwriter, the Argentinian writer Sergio Bizzio has already made his own debut as a film director with "Animals". "Rage" is his sixth novel and is a bestseller soon to be a film.

The Translator
Amanda Hopkinson is a well known literary translator, most recently of "The Devil and Miss Prym" by Paulo Coelho, "Money to Burn" by Ricardo Piglia and "Dead Horsemeat" by Dominique Manotti.

Praise for Rage
'Portrait etched in acid of a Buenos Aires society in crisis. The imagery is blinding and the dialogue pitch-perfect...' Le Temps

'Stylish, original and disturbing, this tense erotic thriller will leave you wondering whether you closed the bathroom window after all. Check again.' Crime Time

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