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The Lost Pre Raphaelite
 The Lost Pre Raphaelite An astonishing re-discovery, of a neglected artist, and of a scandalous love affair. A remarkable and page-turning historical detective story.


Hans Werner Kettenbach

Hans Werner Kettenbach

''A dark thriller writer in the Patricia Highsmith tradition. The slow build up to the cruel and bitter ending displays Kettenbach's skill and confirms his reputation as one of Germany's leading crime writers.'' Sunday Telegraph

''A devilish dive into an obsessed mind by a prolific German crime writer. Despite, or because of, his many humorous quirks, Scholten is also a convincing Everyman.'' Kirkus

Kettenbach is 78, lives near Cologne in Germany and is still writing. He was a somewhat late bloomer: A football journalist at 28, he earned a history and philosophy degree at 36 and published his first novel at 50. Previous jobs he held include construction worker, court stenographer, foreign correspondent in New York and, most recently, newspaper editor. His latest roman noir was published in Germany in May 2006. Kettenbach has published twelve novels, five of which, including 'Black Ice', have been made into films. Bitter Lemon Press is proud to introduce Kettenbach to English-speaking readers.

 Black Ice Black Ice

 David's Revenge David's Revenge

 The Stronger Sex The Stronger Sex


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